PTS Fitness

Britt's Thrusters & Burpees for time...oh my!

Date: 03-07-2012

Boxing Hard and Hanging Tough!

Date: 03-29-2011

Alex has a little R & R...Ropes & Rower

Date: 10-14-2010

Shuster's Cro-Magnon Workout

Date: 10-08-2010

Shuster: Look Ma, No Hands!

Date: 04-08-2010

Jeff...Slow and Steady

Date: 01-28-2010

M.E.'s a little Unstable...

Date: 01-27-2010

Alex: Where's MY cape and spandex?

Date: 01-06-2010

Shuster: From Russia with Pain

Date: 01-06-2010

Jeff and ME - It Takes Two!

Date: 11-18-2009

Terahshea's Beach Muscles Workout

Date: 10-14-2009

Shuster: If it goes down, it's coming up!

Date: 10-13-2009

Alex takes flight

Date: 09-28-2009

Shuster Suffers Silently

Date: 09-22-2009

Kira digs deep!

Date: 09-16-2009

Instructional w/swiss ball and Joe (P.T.S.)

Date: 09-11-2009

Terahshea shows some serious skills

Date: 09-04-2009

M.E. throws in the kitchen sink

Date: 09-02-2009

Jeff goes to the Circus

Date: 08-26-2009

Alex vs TRX

Date: 08-21-2009

Alex vs Rope Machine

Date: 08-12-2009

Jeff vs the swiss ball

Date: 08-12-2009

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