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Big Slim Down video update!!

Week Eleven

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Susanne's progress Updates

Jin's progress Updates

UPDATE!   P.T.S. Health and Fitness is proud to announce Jin Patel and Susanne Ams as the winners of our all inclusive 3 month makeover contest, “The Big Slim Down at P.T.S.”

If you’re looking for the best gift of the season, just ask Jin Patel of Skillman and Susanne Ams of Princeton where to look. They’ll gladly refer you to P.T.S. Health and Fitness, where you won’t have to worry about parking, long lines or even turning on your computer! The only bad news? There’s no overnight shipping on their new found fitness. Persevering through a complimentary three month makeover from P.T.S. Health & Fitness, Susanne and Jin have a lot to celebrate this year. Each contestant won “The Big Slim Down” package from P.T.S., which included 24 personal training sessions, three months of club membership and Conscious Wellness nutritional consultation. In just twelve weeks,  Jin shed an amazing total of 39.5lbs and 27.5 inches (4.5 inches from the hips and 11 inches from the waist!) Susanne  proudly shed 16 pounds and 16.2 inches (3.2 inches from the hips and 7 inches from the waist!) “It’s amazing that a club that specializes in personal training would offer such a wonderful opportunity, especially in this economy!” says one member. Follow the links to where you can view videos of their workouts, obstacles and more. Who knows, maybe you'll find YOUR inspiration!

If you like what you see, stop by P.T.S. Health and Fitness where we can help you achieve similar results.

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