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Congratulations to the "New You" winner
PTS Health and Fitness
and their contestant Doug
who lost 11.8% Body Fat in 10 weeks!!!





Doug and his trainer Jeff

“The New You” Training Program
Doug Bork started his training program just 10 weeks ago and was in the worst shape of his life.  He was stressed, tired and worst of all out of shape.  He worked very long days as the manager of a very busy and successful restaurant in Princeton, NJ.  On a daily basis he was tempted with fating, greasy fried foods and alcohol.  Doug needed this contest to help kick start him back to better health, wellness and to just feel good about himself. 
 Doug’s trainer laid out a plan of the 3 components that would bring him success;  weight training, cardiovascular training and most important of all, a precise nutritional plan. He worked very hard and trained with cardiovascular exercises 5 days a week from 45-60 minutes at a time in addition he trained with weights 1 day per week with his trainer and the other 3 days on his own.  He faced daily challenges with time constraints to get to the gym and choosing the right foods.  He was able to treat himself every so often (once per week) with a beer or two to help him along the way.  Doug’s determination of the contest was very intense because as he puts it “I don’t like to lose and I don’t want to let the club down”.  He did not disappoint.                                                                          

“The New You” WORKOUT
Duration: 45 minutes, Two Weight training workouts
Frequency: Do each exercise in each complex, one after another, no rest, then repeat with 20 seconds rest in between rounds…then move on to the next complex... This will keep the intensity up!!!!
*Warm up five minutes before starting workout and then stretch.
Complex 1: 3 sets each    
Smith Machine Squats               135 x 20 / 175 x 20 / 185 x 15
Step Lunges (+ Pulses x10)        Body weight x 15     
Plie Squats                               15 x 20 / 20 x 20 / 25 x15 
(ABS) Clams                             x30 / x35 / x45    
Complex 2: 3 sets each
Bench Cable One Arm Rows       25 x 20 / 30 x 15 / 35 x 15 
Real or Modified Pushups           Body weight x 30
Side Lateral Raise (DBL)            10 x 20 / 15 x 15 / 15 x 15
Complex 3: 3 sets each
Barbell Biceps Curl                    30 x 20 / 40 x 15 / 50 x 12
Triceps Rope Pushdowns           30 x 20/ 35 x 15 / 40 x 12
(ABS) Elevated Crossovers         x20-25 Each Side
*Cool down five minutes after your workout and then stretch again.

Recommended Cardiovascular Exercise
Frequency: 4-5 times per week
Duration: 45-50 minutes (if you are currently doing more, then proceed with the higher amount)
Intensity: 75-80 % of your Heart Rate Max

Doug’s Diet Guidelines For “The New You”
Doug’s eating plan is eating a variety of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.  He is following specific guidelines for his body type, weight, body fat and activity level.  He consumes the appropriate amount of calories that are suitable for him at this present weight and body fat.  He also drinks water at every meal and makes sure to minimize soda and alcohol. His supplements include a multi vitamin, protein shakes, extra vitamin C, flax oil, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Here is a sample of what he ate:


  • 8 Egg whites and salsa or veggies
  • w/ 1 Cup of Oatmeal or Low-Sugar Cereal (Special K, Shredded Wheat, Corn Flakes, Bran Flakes, ETC.) Use Skim Milk or Water in Oatmeal
  • Coffee
  • 2 Glasses of Water

Mid-Morning Snack:

  • A Cup of Yogurt or a Piece of Fruit
  • Protein Shake and Peanut Butter or Almonds
  • Fresh Vegetables (E.G. Broccoli, Celery, Cauliflower)
    1 Glass of Water


  • A 4-6 Oz. Source of Protein: Skinless Chicken Breast, Tuna in Water, Or Turkey Breast
    (Make Sure The Protein Source Is Either Broiled, Baked or Grilled)
  • A Portion Of Carbohydrate: Cup of Rice (Uncooked), Pasta, baked potato, or Choice of 2 Slices of Bread
  • Make Sure You Drink Another 2 Glasses Of Water

Mid-Day Snack:

  • Again You May Choose Fresh Vegetables,
  • 1 Serving Of String Cheese With small Protein Source Like Egg Whites (3) Or Cottage 
  • 1 Glass of Water


  • A 6-8 OZ Source Of Protein Either Grilled, Broiled, Or Baked. Your Choices Are The Same As For Lunch
  • 2 Cups Of Steamed Vegetables, But You Can Substitute A Medium-Sized Salad With A Small Amount Of Low Calorie Dressing Or Fat Free Dressing (No Croutons)
  • 2 Glasses Of Water Or Water Based Fluids (Like Ice Tea Or Crystal Light)

Late Evening Hunger:

  • Snack Only If You Must, But Keep The Portion Size Small And It Should Consist Of Low Fat Yogurt, Veggies Or A Small Salad.
  • 1 Glass Of Water

Things to Remember:

  • Do not starve yourself when trying to lose weight. Eating smaller, more frequent meals (like 5 meals) opposed to 3 large meals a day is better for you to lose weight. Eating this way raises your metabolism, allowing you to burn more energy more efficiently. Starving yourself then binge eating only slows down one’s metabolism and causes weight gain.
  • Remember to drink plenty of fluids, mainly water. Other fluids such as coffee, tea, diet soda, skim milk and some juices are okay, but do not overdo these.
  • Try to avoid white flour products if possible; substitute whole wheat for white flour.